We aim to connect generations in promoting integrity

GAIN is a platform for citizens’
initiatives and organizations those are committed to contribute active to
promote, practice the Integrity in society and state.

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Generations Action on Integrity (GAIN)

It aims to engage citizens including the youth with the experienced and accomplished individuals who will guide the present as well as future generation of activists and conscious citizens to promote integrity of every aspect of life and state procedures. GAIN commenced its journey following the aftermath of an unprecedented pandemic which was accompanied by an equally deadly wave of corruption in various part of the globe. 

Change Initiative (CI), a research and capacity building organization, along with the support East West Management Institute is playing instrumental role in the formation of GAIN. 

• 150 Trained CSOs and Youth to report corruption
• A coalition/network of youth/citizens (YGAIN) framed and operate virtually under the guidance of GAIN.

GAIN will be a part of the ongoing project titled “Citizens against Corruption in Response to Covid-19 in Bangladesh (C3RB)” implemented by CI with the supports of EWMI. Within this project GAIN will contribute shortly in Evidence based advocacy through empowering citizens against corruption in response to Covid-19 in Bangladesh. While CI will generate the evidence through research and media monitoring, GAIN will assemble experienced academicians and CSOs contributors to arrange training on Integrity Strategy and Anti-corruption watch on grassroots youth level. The expected outcomes of C3RB is –

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